Apple, digital painting

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Decided to practice on real life subjects from now on. Today it was an apple :) I think this is my first attempt at realistic digital painting of an apple. Not bad, I guess, but I don’t like the lighting… The room is pretty dark and the apple was lit from the back. I need to figure out a better lighting for the future subjects.

I’ll bake a pie out of this apple later ^_~

Ragnarok Online 2

Ragnarok Online 2 was launched on May 1, and we could truly call it a mayday. Today, the warp portal is still down for the most time and people can’t launch the game or create an account.
I couldn’t launch the game either, so I tried a few things. Running in compatibility mode or as an administrator did not help. Instead, I opened RO2_Option.ini (located inside RO2 folder), found the line “SHOW” and changed 0 to 1. And now it works perfectly fine!

If it still doedn’t work fo you, go to your RO2/VIDEO folder and rename the intro.avi and intro.smi into something else and the game should work :)


Cosmos, digital painting

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Originally, I just wanted to create a background picture for my photography website and I got a little carried away, I guess. Nevertheless, I like how it turned out. This is my first attempt of painting space art. I wanted to paint this for a while now since our universe is such an amazing and inspiring place. Hopefully, there is more space art to come *_*

4 hours, Photoshop CS6

The machine

Купила эпилятор. Сказано заряда хватает на пол часа, а возилась я с ним часа два. Днем боялась его испытывать, но к вечеру решилась. Местами больно было, но в целом ок о.о Долго очень только. Сейчас ноги себя прикольно чувствуют…какая-то легкость образовалась ))

Sound Asleep

I’ve spent an extra hour on this and touched up on the jellyfish and some details. I think the piece looks more finished now.

Sound Asleep, digital painting

First artwork after a two-week vacation. Couldn’t sleep because of headache, so I decided to draw.

Sound Asleep, digital painting

.010 | Tumblr | DeviantArt

I used photograph as a reference.
4 hours, Photoshop CS6

Cold Fire

First digital practice piece of this year.

Cold Fire, digital painting

.009 | Tumblr | DeviantArt

This piece was inspired by a very colorful and bright person. It seems she had her hair dyed in all possible colors :) Artwork is called Cold Fire because she looks cold on the outside, but there’s fire in her heart!

I used photograph as a reference.
2 hours, Photoshop CS6