Everybody is Connected, Art Show

Chelsea the Blue Heron, digital painting

Everybody is Connected is a data driven show that incorporates a creative way of presenting and combining information into a series of visual images. Our modern world is interconnected because of technology and social networks. It is interesting to observe how the concept of interconnectivity evolved in humans; it is possibly even more evolved in animals. This show draws a connection between humans and birds; in a way, both have the ability to move a great distance while staying connected with their flock.

To provide the input data, a number of participants responded to a series of questions that were designed to gather the personality types as well as measure the social “connectedness.” Among other information, each participant was asked to associate himself or herself with a particular bird. Once the data was collected, a selection algorithm was run to choose a total of ten subjects that would be depicted in the show. The algorithm was designed to achieve the maximum diversity within the final set of participants. The process of creating the digital paintings was captured, and the paintings themselves were transformed into the printed form; this illustrates how the digital media connects with the traditional canvas – the medium of choice for many generations of artists.

Each painting captures a number of facts about the subject in a symbolic form. Specifically, this includes the zodiac sign, home town and country, presence of remote friends, favorite color, dream vacation place, biggest fear, provided photograph, and – of course – the bird of choice. While the final set of participants was carefully selected to be as diverse as possible, the images contain many visual connections; every viewer should relate to the paintings through some common symbols. Enjoy and feel connected!

This art show took place during the week of April 9-13th, 2012.

Nicole the Peregrine Falcon, digital painting Ashley the Macaw, digital painting Chelsea the Blue Heron, digital painting Colby the Phoenix, digital painting Alexey the Crow, digital painting

Chris the Sparrow, digital painting Julia the Sparrow, digital painting Takai the Swallow, digital painting Victoria the Flamingo, digital painting Polina the Hummingbird, digital painting


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