Water Lilies at Dusk

Water Lilies at Dusk, acrylic painting, close-up view

Oksana was fascinated with water lilies ever since she first saw them as a little child. These flowers amazed her with their ability to float just above the water. These lilies are associated with mermaids and merworld in Oksana’s mind. She has been painting them in different settings and light throughout her life, and Oksana is not planning to stop in the near future.

This acrylic en plein air painting depicts a pond full of water lilies at dusk. It is an amazing hour, since the rising sun makes the sky and water shine with unbelievable colors. The painting is very smooth with hardly any texture, but very colorful. The sky shines with warm tones, and the water reflects every bit of the sky in an endless pattern. The painting is done in yellow and green tones with glimpses of reds and blues. The lilies shine like white stars above the pond and add contrast to the overall composition. It is a fairly large painting and would look great in dining or living area.

Original acrylic painting by Oksana Ossipov.

Title: Water Lilies at Dusk
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas
Year painted: 2015
Size: 18 x 24in, 0.6in thick
Sides are painted, so framing is not necessary
Signed in the bottom right corner
Varnished to preserve the painting

Water Lilies at Dusk, acrylic painting

Water Lilies at Dusk, acrylic painting, close-up view

Water Lilies at Dusk, acrylic painting, close-up view, on the wall view

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