Field of Poppies

This landscape painting was inspired by the yellowish light and fresh smell of air after the thunderstorm. The bright colors of flowers and grass pop off the canvas, but the sky is still covered by the stormy palette. The painting is well textured, and this also helps the grass to pop and look more real. Long strains of paint sprout out of the canvas in a similar way to the Field of Cornflowers painting. Here the artist tried to channel an amazing weather phenomena when the rain and thunder just stopped, but there will be more as the storm is not over yet.

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Field of Cornflowers

Field of Cornflowers was inspired by a patch of violet and blue boutonniere flowers in the middle of the city. This original acrylic painting is 8” by 10” in size with a heavy texture. The texture represents the layers of grass and stems which create textures in the nature. The flow of this piece also imitates the movement of the grass in the wind: a slight wave in one direction, then in another. The artist chose to incorporate warm yellow tones along with fresh spring greens to add the feeling of summer and warmth. Blue flowers with a hint of violet and white pop out of the painting and add coolness to the summer warmth of yellows and greens.
This impressionistic landscape painting would make a great gift for those who love prairie flowers and cornflowers in particular.

Original acrylic painting by Oksana Ossipov, For Sale!
(Available on Houzz)

Title: Field of Cornflowers
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas
Year painted: 2014
Size: 8 x 10in, 0.6in thick
Sides are painted, so framing is not necessary
Signed on the front and back
Varnished to preserve the painting

Field of Cornflowers, acrylic painting

Field of Cornflowers, acrylic painting, close-up view

Field of Cornflowers, acrylic painting, side view

Field of Cornflowers, acrylic painting on the wall


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