Apple, pear on the floor.. who’s the pretties of them all? I have worked on a number of still life, and especially apple and pear paintings lately, and I started to get bored of plain backgrounds. That’s when I had a thought of mentally transporting some of the still life setups into the outdoor setting. It was stormy outside at the time, so I went with the obvious choice! That’s a short story of how these two apparently giant fruits ended up in the middle of highway during a storm 🙂

I took several painting process shots of these two. It’s quite interesting to see how the painting transforms from underpainting to a finished work. I’m still experimenting with colors of the underpainting, this time I went with Viridian (Rembrandt oil paint). I think it works well as the undertone to set the mood for stormy weather. I also went with more abstract strokes on the pear, I enjoy these geometric forms more and more!

This apple and pear painting is rather a small study for a potential larger work, I think all of my tiny paintings are. Imagine one of these the size of a TV! 😀 That’s what my goal for the next year is going to be. To go big! For now, this tiny still life of apple and pear is available in my gallery.

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