Charcoal Sketches

This collection of drawings was done using mainly willow charcoal and conte crayons on 18 x 24 inch newsprint quality paper. All of these were drawn from life model at the TSoFA studio.

Standing male figure, charcoal drawing

I think I really need to work on shoulder girdle, it seems to always turn out way too small. This is a 10-minute drawing, but all of the basic structure mistakes are already set in place 😂

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Sitting half-figure, charcoal drawing

Sometimes, the whole pose isn’t working from that particular angle. Therefore, it’s okay to draw only a part of the figure. For example, sometimes I can’t see the model’s feet because the heater or something else is in the way, and it really throws off the whole figure. It’s still hard for me to put…

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Male figure, charcoal drawing

I think I finally got into the habit of dating my drawings 😀 It might seem silly, but after a while I can’t tell when I drew each artwork. As the result, it’s tough to understand whether I’m making any progress.

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Male figure, gesture drawing

Back to the gesture drawings, I really like when drawing sessions start with a series of quick 1-minute standing poses. It’ a great warm-up exercise, helps one get into the drawing mood for the rest of the session.

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Sitting figure, charcoal drawing

Spent about 20 minutes on this drawing. I think if I added a few highlights, this figure would really pop. Seeing and analyzing my work like this is actually really helpful. When I’m drawing, I’m not noticing the mistakes because I stare at the drawing for so long and just get used to it. However,…

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20-minute poses, charcoal drawing

Come on, get up so that you can get drawn better! xD Seated poses are still much harder to do ^^; I think these are 20-minute poses. Charcoal on construction paper. Model: @taylour_bogdan

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Single figure, charcoal and pastel drawing

I think I did better here with highlights, but maybe it’s best to stay in two-toned palette right now. I think highlights are a good tool to distract the viewer from negative parts of the drawing 🤨

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Female figure, charcoal drawing

I’m trying out all kind of materials as I learn to draw. This is a rough construction paper, and it has a charming feel to it. It certainly isn’t the best paper for serious work since it doesn’t even photograph that well. For example, those wavy wrinkles are almost invisible in real life. However, it’s…

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Dark figure, charcoal drawing

I’ve noticed that on many occasions, I make my drawings too dark from the start. Not sure how to go about correcting this, I guess I need to press lighter on the charcoal stick? ^^; Or maybe I should try some value studies. Any tips?

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Two-pose female, charcoal drawing

Pretty sure these are 20-minutre poses, but most likely I got distracted during the first one. Anyway, I like how both of these turned out. I think it’s time to set new goals for the direction of my art, and maybe for a lengthy post in my blog about how I started 😀

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Short pose two-figure, charcoal drawing

I enjoy the geometric feel those extended lines add to the overall figure. Sometimes charcoal stick is bent, so it makes two parallel marks at the same time with only one movement of a hand. Quite often it results in a happy accident rather than an unwanted mark.

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Venus, charcoal sketches

Sometimes I forget how short these 3-minute poses are, and concentrate too much on one particular part of the figure. As the result, I usually end up with armless Venuses xD

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Female gesture poses, charcoal drawing

There used to be a time where I’d be unable to tell which model I drew. It was a generic figure and could have been anyone. So I’ve set my goal to make the figures more recognizable and individual, at least to me. I can tell the person from there drawings, and that makes me…

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Two-pose male figure, charcoal drawing

I’m trying out different paper, and this one is super smooth. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what it’s called 🙂 We have it at the studio for free ^^; However, I can’t figure out if I like the smoothness. I feel like it leaves less room for erasing as even willow charcoal just wants to…

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Quick gestures, charcoal drawing

This is a example of getting distracted mid-pose and not finishing it 😀 The other two gestures are ok ^^ These were done on rough newsprint, I think it’s my favorite paper so far for warm-up drawings.

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Oksana Ossipov, portrait

I’ve been trying to fully devote myself to art in the past two years. I’m trying to learn and practice as much as I can. However, workshops, classes and art supplies cost presents a certain financial challenge. If you like my work and want to support me, I would truly appreciate it! I have a few tiers set up on Patreon or even just sharing my art or social media pages would help a lot. Thank you so much!

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