I have been working in Adobe Photoshop for over a decade now, and at some point their default interface changed to a darker gray. It looks cool and goes easier on the eyes, but I realized that it also results in lower contrast in artworks. Whatever one’s editing or drawing seems to have a higher contrast on such a dark gray background. However, if the artwork is viewed against a lighter background, it looks quite bland and pale. I’ve been going back and re-editing images after I was ready to post them, because they just didn’t look good on lighter background. I realized that I need to go back to the neutral gray interface, like it used to be years ago. Keep this in mind if your artworks keep turning out too pale or just don’t look right outside of Photoshop.

To change the interface color go to Edit > Preferences > Interface and pick the desired color.

Adobe Photoshop Interface Settings

This is the current default dark interface:

This is the neutral gray interface that I picked now:

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