How to Fix Instagram Challenge Required Error on iPhone

I have several Instagram accounts, and they're all linked to a single main account. Recently, I was switching between my accounts and I got a weird error. It would flash in red "challenge required" at the bottom of the screen, then try to load something, but nothing happened. Basically, I was locked out of my … Continue reading How to Fix Instagram Challenge Required Error on iPhone

Detective Chloe Portrait

I don't usually do fanart, but sometimes I like a character on the show, so I draw a portrait of them. This time I was watching TV show called Lucifer, and I ended up drawing a portrait of detective Chloe. I think it's a great way to practice drawing portraits because I'm able to see … Continue reading Detective Chloe Portrait

Landscape Painting Course Assignments

In beginning of July, I signed up for landscape painting course with Justin Donaldson. So far, I went through half the course, and I'm super happy about it. I've learned a lot of new things which will definitely help me sharpen my skills! Here are the assignments in chronological order. I'm not entirely happy with … Continue reading Landscape Painting Course Assignments

Time for oneself – Self-Care for Artists

It's easy to get carried away with daily tasks and creative work. That's why it's so important to allocate time for personal care. I'm quite guilty myself of forgetting about rest and food on daily basis. Eventually, my body can't handle the stress and it spills out in pain or body function disruption. The latest … Continue reading Time for oneself – Self-Care for Artists

Plain Air Waterfall Painting

Ever since I learned about impressionists, I wanted to try plain air painting. There's something magical about capturing the moment, the air, the ever-shifting reality. It turned out to be harder than I expected! At the time, I used acrylic paint, and due to it's drying time it proved to be impractical to use in … Continue reading Plain Air Waterfall Painting