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How to Beat Creative Block

Almost every artist has experienced a creative block at some point in their life, and different people have various ways of dealing with it. Today, I’m going to share how I beat creative block. I discovered this method by accident, and it has been my go-to trick ever since. Whenever I feel down and have…

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Learning to Draw – Quantity vs Quality

It seems, learning to draw has never been as easy as nowadays. However, a lot of people confuse lots of repetitive drawing with growth. Sure, practice is important, but drawing mindlessly is quite pointless. Every drawing should teach the artist something. Otherwise, there is no professional development. Without analyzing the work and thinking about improvements,…

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Michaels MakerPlace – New Handmade Marketplace

Michaels store has been the source for majority of my craft materials for years. Now, they opened a beta Michaels MakerPlace – a new handmade marketplace where crafters like myself can sell their creations. Please keep in mind, it’s different from Michaels Thirdparty Marketplace. The latter is for craft supply vendors who sell materials for…

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Oksana Ossipov, portrait

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Oksana Ossipov, and I’m a visual artist and photographer. I currently reside in the area of Dallas, Texas. My formal education includes a BFA in Digital Media Art from San Jose State University. After moving to Texas, I started to focus on my fine art skills and figurative art in particular. I studied for 5 years under Michael Mentler at the Society of Figurative Arts. Through my life, I’ve also acquired a multitude of skills that include web development, sculpting, photography, art studio and business management, and baking awesome blueberry scones!

I’ve been trying to fully devote myself to the art over the past few years. I’m trying to learn and practice as much as I can. However, the workshop, class, and art supply costs present a certain financial challenge. If you like my work and want to support me, I would truly appreciate it! I have a shop full of artworks and creations, but even just sharing my art or social media pages would help a lot. Thank you so much!

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ArtResin Review – Jewelry Making

Resin is both a new and an old material. It has been with us for years, but it became popular only recently. Eventually, I packed up some courage and decided to try resin myself. As per usual, I did extensive research to find the best of the best as it’s always a part of the…

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CosClay Polymer Clay Review

Recently, I tried a new brand of clay, and I’m honestly impressed. I bought a batch of CosClay in light gray from their Kickstarter leftover sale. I meant to buy the set of different nude shades for doll making, but unfortunately they ran out before I made it to the checkout page. You know it’s…

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Oil Pastels: Live Video by Savoir-Faire

Savoir-Faire is an importer of fine art materials, brands such as Sennelier, Cretacolor, Fabriano, Raphael, and more. Every Friday they do live video on Instagram. I found out about it from my mentor, Michael Mentler, when he was participating in one of the live videos. This Friday, the topic was oil pastels. In my opinion,…

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Drawing of Half-turned Figure from the Back

This drawing features a female half-turned figure from the back. She’s standing with one arm on her hip, and the other one relaxed along her side. Her head is turned in the same direction, towards the viewer. It is drawn from a life model with charcoal on toned gray paper. 2019

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Half-turned Figure Charcoal Drawing

I really like the pose in this figure charcoal drawing. The model is half-turned, which create a very dynamic feel for the drawing. The figure is grounded and well detailed, apart from the face. Overall, it’s a solid drawing and can serve as a base for a more finished work.

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Drawing of Female Figure from the Back

I drew this female figure using charcoal on toned Canson paper. It has a fair amount of detail for a quick gesture. My favorite part of this drawing is the footing and placement on the ground. 2019

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