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Mademoiselle Sketchbook

I never took much liking to colored pencils, until one day I felt the urge to sharpen every pencil I had in the house. It’s quite a meditative task and sometimes one just feels like it. That’s when I thought of actually trying to use them again, after all, I do have quite a few…

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Deadlines and Timelines

A modern day society pushes creators to be extra creative and extra productive for the holiday season. Every year, I see pushy advertisement for sellers on all e-commerce platforms to help prepare for the end-of-year holiday rush. Get the holiday hashtags ready, add gift wrapping options, adjust shipping times, and so on. In other words,…

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Neutral Gray

I have been working in Adobe Photoshop for over a decade now, and at some point their default interface changed to a darker gray. It looks cool and goes easier on the eyes, but I realized that it also results in lower contrast in artworks. Whatever one’s editing or drawing seems to have a higher…

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Recent Sculpture

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Recent Sketches

This piece took me about 30 minutes, and I wish I had done it on a better paper. I used rough newsprint, and it’s not the best paper for longer poses. Still, I’m fairly satisfied with the results, especially considering that I didn’t get the best vantage point for this pose.

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Sometimes, I think of characters from video games while drawing, and then I end up with something heroic ^_^

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A couple of quick, but interesting gestures. Especially the one on the left, what is up to?! The one on the right looks as if it’s half-submerged into a bath of milk 😀

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Recent Paintings

This is indeed The Pear for me, since it’s the first pear I tried to paint with oil paint. I love the way it turned out, and it might even be my favorite painting of the year. It’s hard to show the beauty of oil paint with just a photograph, but depending on the lighting,…

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I have recently started exploring oil paint as a medium, and I fell in love with it immediately. The translucency and vividness of colors impressed me so much, that I wanted to throw color everywhere! This gave me an idea to start a series “Drunk with Color.” I started my journey with small still life…

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I attempted my first watercolor portrait! 😀 I never really painted people with watercolors before, apart from princesses when I was a child 😀 This is a #paintpierre challenge by @artsavoirfaire (IG) and @theartsherpa (IG), I’m finally participating in things! 😀 I also recorded a process video, check out my YouTube to view video! Pierre…

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.365 Challenge

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Featured Sculpture

Pink Stargazer whale sculpture by Oksana Ossipov
Pink Stargazer

This whimsical wall sculpture is a part of the “Sea Creatures” series. This star whale is a magical creature, and she travels through space and worlds by navigating through clouds and stars.

Blue sky whale sculpture by Oksana Ossipov
Blue sky whale

This sky whale is a magical creature! He travels through clouds and seas, carrying travelers around the world to the places they could never even imagine in their wildest dreams.

Dolphin wall sculpture by Oksana Ossipov
Ocean Dolphin

This mixed media sculpture would make a great gift for sea lovers. The dolphin is hand sculpted out of polymer clay, then painted, and varnished.

Featured Paintings

Wave of Calm over Chaos, original abstract painting  by Oksana Ossipov
Wave of Calm over Chaos

This abstract painting hides the idea of calmness taking over chaos. The perfect blue consumes the chaos of life, turning it into peaceful emptiness. From the other point of view, the blue wave could be creating chaos.

Winterscape, original landscape painting by Oksana Ossipov

This miniature landscape painting was inspired by memories of frosty days and mesmerizing snow. The sound of crunching snow underneath one’s feet, the enchanting glow of the snowflakes in the sunset rays, the stillness of the sleeping river bound by ice.

Two and a Half Peaches, original still life painting by Oksana Ossipov
Two and a Half Peaches

Food is the hardest subject to paint, because there is a good chance that it might get eaten before the artwork is finished. This still life painting of… two and a half peaches nearly did not happened because of this.

Oksana Ossipov, portrait

I’ve been trying to fully devote myself to art in the past two years. I’m trying to learn and practice as much as I can. However, workshops, classes and art supplies cost presents a certain financial challenge. If you like my work and want to support me, I would truly appreciate it! I have a few tiers set up on Patreon or even just sharing my art or social media pages would help a lot. Thank you so much!