Art Supplies

Artists need tools to create art. This page will help you navigate through various art supplies and tools that Oksana uses to create her artworks. There are several categories of supplies that she uses which include Casting and Molds, Dry Media, Polymer Clay, and Wet Media. The articles vary in topic from reviews to tips and tricks. All of the Oksana’s art supplies reviews are honest and based on personal experience with each item. The tips and tricks are the small insights that she has learned throughout her art career and happy to share with the rest of the world. If you have any questions or suggestions, voice them in the comments under each article. Please give credit by linking back to if reposting or using any information from these articles!

Casting and Molds

ArtResin Review – Jewelry Making

Cover photo with Floating Pear Pendant held against the sky.

Resin is both a new and an old material. It has been with us for years, but it became popular only recently. Eventually, I packed up some courage and decided to try resin myself. As per usual, I did extensive research to find the best of the best as it’s always a part of the…

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Dry Media

Oil Pastels: Live Video by Savoir-Faire

Oil Pastels: Live Video by Savoir-Faire

Savoir-Faire is an importer of fine art materials, brands such as Sennelier, Cretacolor, Fabriano, Raphael, and more. Every Friday they do live video on Instagram. I found out about it from my mentor, Michael Mentler, when he was participating in one of the live videos. This Friday, the topic was oil pastels. In my opinion,…

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ArtSnacks Review. Gift that keeps on giving!

The beginning is never easy! For a while now, I was wondering what my first blog post should be about. Should it be about me, my art, or perhaps my travels? I spent so much time concentrating on the “first” rather than on “post” that I ended up with having an empty blog for weeks…

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Polymer Clay

CosClay Polymer Clay Review

Header picture for CosClay review. Block of CosClay with a finished Radish sculpture next to it.

Recently, I tried a new brand of clay, and I’m honestly impressed. I bought a batch of CosClay in light gray from their Kickstarter leftover sale. I meant to buy the set of different nude shades for doll making, but unfortunately they ran out before I made it to the checkout page. You know it’s…

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Wet Media

Copic Key Chain

Copic key chain held in hand. There are three miniature markers and a translucent disc featuring Copic logo on a golden chain.

Several months ago, I purchased a bunch of Copic Wide markers from a local store. Sadly, I didn’t check them right away, and found out later that several of them were cracked and dried out. It was too late to contact the store. Therefore, I casually commented about the issue on Copic’s official Instagram and…

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Tool Tip Friday 5: Inktober Tools

A photograph of Inktober tools. A sketchbook, copic markers, ink, while gel pens, and brushes.

Inktober started this week, so I’ve decided to write about my tools of choice for this challenge. Last year, I used only markers and pens. This year, I expanded my toolset with inks. Therefore, my tools of choice for this Inktober are Copic markers, an ArtSnacks/Denik Inktober edition sketchbook, Princeton brushes, Liquitex inks, and gel…

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Tool Tip Friday 4: Acrylic Painting Medium

Two bottles and a jar of acrylic painting mediums.

When working on a painting with acrylics, I never use water. Instead, I turn to these three! These acrylic painting mediums are excellent for mixing and achieving certain effects such as translucency or texture. Check out my acrylic paintings to see examples of finished artworks! Slow Drying Acrylic Painting Medium The first one is a…

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