Recently, I tried streaming my digital drawing process. The most positive effect that came from it was the ability to follow a schedule. It’s surprising how many distractions are there that keep me from actually drawing or painting. However, if I commit to a streaming schedule, I’m more likely to draw that day! I think it’s an interesting motivational strategy that I might adopt and make it a permanent feature.

Result of those Streams

Here’s one of the digital drawings from those streams. If I remember correctly, I drew it over the course of three or so days. I began without an agenda really, just had a general idea to draw some underwater creature. Therefore, I started with humanoid forms and went from there. At first, I felt like making a jelly-girl, but then it seemed to get too busy with the tentacles and large jelly-hat. I ended up changing her to a squid-girl. Then, she got a dolphin friend, and they kept playing among the orange jellies happily ever after! Watch the digital drawing process video on my YouTube channel and subscribe!

Funny, how I haven’t done digital drawing in forever, but I still remember the shortcuts! My Wacom drawing tablet had to be updated with new drivers and all of the settings got reset. I tried to remember button mapping, but couldn’t. However, when I started drawing, my hands kept moving toward the correct shortcut! It seems that I got muscle memory of the shortcuts, how cool is that!

Anyway, I might continue the streams in the near future; especially now, since I got my new Blu Yeti microphone working. For sure, I’ll continue my digital drawing adventure, as I enjoy it as much as any other type of drawing. And there’s a less of a chance to ruin clothes with paint xD

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