Every now and then, I have an urge to try making something new. Usually, it’s that idea that kept sitting at the back of my head for a while now. This time, it was the urge to make unique bookmarks with my original art!

First of all, I ran out of things to put in books and magazines to mark where I stopped reading! I wanted something that would last a while and would not ruin the pages. Second, I wanted to find use for my laminator for ages now. It’s peculiar how I got it by the way! I actually won it in a raffle at one of my jobs as a graphic designer. At the time, I knew that I would find good use for it, but wasn’t exactly sure what it could be. It just kept sitting in the storage room without use, waiting. Third, I always look for way to make something for my fans and people who support me!

Finally, the time has come to get cracking with these unique bookmarks. For this project, I used Adobe Photoshop to design the double sided bookmark template, pearlescent cardstock paper, HP laser printer, Westcott cutter, and Sparco laminator. I did have to fiddle with the printer for a while to get the design to print correctly on both sides, but I’ve wasted only 3 sheets of plain paper and printed in “draft” mode. I consider this an achievement! Printing double sided content with matching bleeds is hard! 😀 Here’s the final result, I’m beyond pleased with it!

New Patreon Rewards!

These unique bookmarks will be included in my $5+ Patreon tier from now on — you’ll be able to select the artwork for the bookmark or I can send you a random one. However, as a promo I’m going to include these even for the $1 tier until October 31. So if you wanted to support me, now is the best time! ^_~

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