Last year, I took an online gouache painting course with Justin Donaldson. Most of the assignments in this course I did in gouache. However, some of them could have been done in any medium. I heard that gouache behaves very much like oil except that it dries much quicker. Therefore, I decided to give oil a try. It was a fun experience painting this mountain landscape, and I like how it turned out.

I painted this piece from a mountain landscape photograph, which was provided as a reference for the course. There were no people in the photograph, but I had to add a point of interest. So, I painted two silhouettes on the horizon. I wonder if my painting would have turned out any different if I was painting from nature. Maybe, I will conduct an experiment some time in the future. I could paint a landscape from a photo first, and then go back and paint the same area from life. Sounds like an interesting exercise, doesn’t it?

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