When I first started working with polymer clay, I wanted to get good enough to make wonderful and magical art dolls. It took a while to build up my confidence, but eventually I found courage to make these mixed media dolls. This is a second art doll I ever created, and it’s called Sleepy Owl. This one of a kind art doll is available for sale.

This owl is so sleepy! She travels the world with a trunk full of wonders which she finds in her dreams. That’s right, dream world is one of the largest places she can find wondrous things. This way, she travels this world while awake, and then transcends her travels into her dreams. All she really needs is a comfy bed, and of course an adorable and huggable teddy-bear. Both of them the Owl carries in her trunk.

The art doll is handmade out of polymer clay, fabric, glass, beads, wood, and metal findings. The trunk has a mattress and a pillow, both of them are removable. The trunk will not close with an owl inside; we wouldn’t want to lock her in! The trunk is about 2.5 by 3.5 inches. The owl is about 4 inches tall, and the teddy bear is about 0.6 inch. Owl’s wings are movable; she can hug either her teddy bear or the pillow. The doll is meant to be positioned horizontally, as if she’s asleep. It is possible to balance her to stand, but not without support. This is not a toy and meant to be treasured and appreciated by an adult.

My other one of a kind art dolls are available in the shop.

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