This sculpture is a part of 2019 Sky Whale series. My love for dynamic and movable sculptures is displayed well in this series. Most sculptures tend to be quite static, but I like to design them to be eerie and movable. This is why a lot of my sculptures are designed to be suspended in the air. I find if most fitting, especially for these Sky Whales as it creates a feeling of flight.

Another sculpture from this series is Crystal Skywhale.

Majority of my art goes through color phases, this whale is a part of purple-gold phase. I think it’s quite a beautiful combination, and I tend to get carried away with my purples. The whale and the stand are made out of polymer clay, then they’re painted and varnished. Whale is removable and can be placed to face a certain direction or hanged from a different stand or wall hook for example.

My other sculptures are available in my shop.

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