Several months ago, I purchased a bunch of Copic Wide markers from a local store. Sadly, I didn’t check them right away, and found out later that several of them were cracked and dried out. It was too late to contact the store. Therefore, I casually commented about the issue on Copic’s official Instagram and warned people to check markers right away. I didn’t expect anything, and was surprised when Copic customer service reached out to me in DMs. They offered replacement markers for free! I was astounded! And today, I received six new Wide markers along with a couple of most adorable miniature Copic key chains delivered straight from Japan. They even apologized for a longer shipping time 🥹

Now, I really hope to visit Japan some time soon and get the rest of the Copic key chains! There’s even a transparent case to store them just like with real markers. I’m an absolute fan of miniatures, so this Copic key chain is a wonderful addition to my collection.

Anyway, If you’re going to invest in markers, get Copics! I’ve been using Copics for over a decade, and love them. Check out some of my Copic drawings in this gallery. I don’t have a lot of Copic artworks digitized, but drawing with them is always a pleasure. Their colors and quality is consistent. They offer a wide selection of nibs, including replacement nibs. Their markers are refillable and reduce plastic waste. They’re tried by time, and their customer service is impeccable.

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