There was a time, when I never held a Copic in my hands. Thankfully, this was promptly changed by a wonderful gift from my hubby. The pear drawings presented here are my very first experiments with this wonderful medium. I immediately fell in love, and wanted to get more colors. It took me a while to get to the collection of colors I have right now, but it’s a great investment. Copics are refillable, and after the initial investment they end up costing quite fairly. I also love the idea of reduced plastic waste. I always feel awful when I use up another brand’s marker and need to throw it out. As a result, I end up keeping those empty markers forever.

When I don’t know what to draw, I default to pears! These fruits have an interesting shape and color palette to explore. These Copic drawings were sketched from life, and the “model” was promptly eaten! It was tasty. The drawings feature pairs of pears in yellow, red, and green color palette. Additionally, I enjoy the play of words ‘pairs of pears’; it comes up in my other artworks as well.

At the time, I was exploring blending techniques and only had a handful of colors. I found out an interesting effect that the blender pen (Color 0) created when held in place for a while. This effect continued to appear throughout my future drawings, but it all started with these pears. I might have another go at this subject now that I have more Copic colors!

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