The beginning is never easy! For a while now, I was wondering what my first blog post should be about. Should it be about me, my art, or perhaps my travels? I spent so much time concentrating on the “first” rather than on “post” that I ended up with having an empty blog for weeks now. Finally, I decided just to start writing, simply begin. This first blog post is going to be a review dedicated to an awesome surprise art box called ArtSnacks. It is a monthly subscription box of curated high quality art supplies. Lately, this type of subscription boxes has become quite popular, but not all of them are this good.

Each box has a set of art supplies such as markers, paint, pencils, ink and so on. Sometimes these are the brands that I love and use, but other times they’re completely new and unknown to me. For example, I never knew that there are brush markers. They’re quite interesting to color with, and the control of the line is magnificent. Thanks to ArtSnacks, I got introduced to watercolor markers, water brush pens, brush cleaners, and more. Additionally, I’m pushed to experiment with wild colors! When I got my very first ArtSnacks box, I was shocked by the choice of color. I received neon pink and green, the two colors I’d never buy myself. At first, I thought getting such an art box was a mistake, but then I realized that I never really tried to work with such colors. Maybe I should step into this wild unknown! This is what this surprise art box is all about, pushing your limits and finding new sources of creativity.

Lastly, even the shipping box of ArtSnacks comes in handy. These small elongated boxes make excellent drawer organizers once you cut of the top flap. I think it’s a perfect way to categorize all of the different supplies that I received for the last few months.

Hope this ArtSnacks review was useful to you! Check out my mini sketchbook which I filled using lots of materials from these monthly boxes.

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