ArtResin Review – Jewelry Making

Resin is both a new and an old material. It has been with us for years, but it became popular only recently. Eventually, I packed up some courage and decided to try resin myself. As per usual, I did extensive research to find the best of the best as it's always a part of the … Continue reading ArtResin Review – Jewelry Making

CosClay Polymer Clay Review

Recently, I tried a new brand of clay, and I'm honestly impressed. I bought a batch of CosClay in light gray from their Kickstarter leftover sale. I meant to buy the set of different nude shades for doll making, but unfortunately they ran out before I made it to the checkout page. You know it's … Continue reading CosClay Polymer Clay Review

ArtSnacks Review. Gift that keeps on giving!

The beginning is never easy! For a while now, I was wondering what my first blog post should be about. Should it be about me, my art, or perhaps my travels? I spent so much time concentrating on the “first” rather than on “post” that I ended up with having an empty blog for weeks … Continue reading ArtSnacks Review. Gift that keeps on giving!