Long, long time ago in a galaxy far away, while Naboo was under attack, I received a set of oil paint as a gift. I was around 6 years old at that time, and I was told that this gift has to be saved for when I grow up. The further questions were answered with an explanation that oil paint is difficult to work with and suited for more experienced artists and grown up people. At that time, I only used watercolor and gouache paint. I assumed that since it is oil, I might make a mess, and that’s why I’m not allowed to use them. I was not told when exactly I’d be able to use them, so I’ve waited. Every now and then, I would take out this set and stare at it, play with the tubes, and dream of what it’s like to use this paint.

As the time went, I became more fearful of using oils, thinking all kinds of “what ifs.” Until this day, I steered clear of oil paint because of this. Finally, I think it’s time. Actually, I have had the same thought of finally using oils for quite a few years. I even bought a few student-grade tubes of Daler Rowney to overcome the fear of this medium. However, even this set ended up just laying deep in my drawer. Now, it is time for sure!

Check out Oksana’s latest oil paintings in her gallery.

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