I started this mermaid illustration a while back, but I wanted to do the finishing lines in golden ink. I finally got my hands on some, and it looks beautiful! It’s hard to capture on a still image, but the gold sparkles like magic! I also used liners in some places as I don’t have many ink colors yet. Overall, this artwork was a comeback to watercolors for me. I haven’t used watercolor paint in years, even though I bought some a number of times. This used to be my main media, but once I tried acrylic paint, I didn’t want to go back. Now, I feel like I miss the translucency and lightness of watercolor paint. I’m even going to start a challenge for myself! I doubt that I would be able to do a painting a day, but I want to use watercolors daily. I even have put a color palette for myself that fits nicely into a tin box for quick sketches on the go. Yes, this is what my soul needs!

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