Ever since I started studio drawing, I have been thinking about means of carrying my tools and art supplies. I do have some pouches and pencil holders, but they don’t really work well for messier things like charcoal. I ended up carrying three different pencil holders to separate my eraser, chalk, and pencils. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very practical and actually quite annoying. I had to make sure I put things in the right holder, and then I’d still have to rampage through all of them to find something. Then, it hit me! Fishing tackle box! It’s perfect for holding art supplies and they’re great to carry around. Actually, there are tool boxes branded for artists, but they’re still same old fishing tackle boxes. Here’s the one I got. It’s reasonably priced, lightweight, and holds everything I need perfectly. The top compartments are for charcoal and erasers as they’re not long enough to hold markers or pencils. However they do fit at the bottom, so I might make a few separators and carry all of my dry media in one box. Tubes of paint and brushes would fit in there, too. I also threw a notebook and a tiny sketchpad in there, extra paper can never hurt!

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