ArtResin Review – Jewelry Making

Resin is both a new and an old material. It has been with us for years, but it became popular only recently. Eventually, I packed up some courage and decided to try resin myself. As per usual, I did extensive research to find the best of the best as it's always a part of the … Continue reading ArtResin Review – Jewelry Making

Oil Pastels: Live Video by Savoir-Faire

Savoir-Faire is an importer of fine art materials, brands such as Sennelier, Cretacolor, Fabriano, Raphael, and more. Every Friday they do live video on Instagram. I found out about it from my mentor, Michael Mentler, when he was participating in one of the live videos. This Friday, the topic was oil pastels. In my opinion, it’s under explored medium!

Tackle Box for Art Supplies

Ever since I started studio drawing, I have been thinking about means of carrying my tools and art supplies. I do have some pouches and pencil holders, but they don’t really work well for messier things like charcoal. I ended up carrying three different pencil holders to separate my eraser, chalk, and pencils. Unfortunately, it … Continue reading Tackle Box for Art Supplies