Galleria Dallas is a great shopping mall that has these spectacular installations for seasonal holidays. I drew this during Lunar New Year when they had a multitude of beautiful red lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The vantage point is from the Little Katana sushi place, a cafe with a beautiful view of the skating rink. I think Lunar New Year decorations are most magical as the lanterns appear as if they’re floating in midair.

It was an ambitious drawing since there are several floors which open on a skating rink, and it’s really hard to capture that perspective and complex structure. Especially, if one has a set of tasty rolls in front of them! It’s also tough to accomplish such drawing with just a pen. I think if I used a broad marker, it would have been easier to indicate and separate floors and objects. The view was so pretty, that I had to try and capture it. However, it might have been better if I focused on a single object from that interior. That’s what I usually do when I’m drawing at the restaurants, maybe next year I’ll try to draw a set of lunar lanterns instead.

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