.042 Round Demon from Good Omens, pen drawing

A while back I watched the series, and got inspired by that round demon from Good Omens. It was so adorable! However, its fate wasn't the simplest of all, so I felt the need to commemorate this fella. I only had a glance of him on the screen, so this is my vision of that demon rathe than an exact copy. It reminded me of a threatened blowfish, which would explain its spherical form. It also seemed to have some sort of a medal and a belt. I ended up with this fun creature making some magic 😀

.039 Long Neck, pen portrait

Every now and then, I see a person with interesting features. Immediately, I want to draw this person, but it's tough! This usually happens when I'm completely off practice with my portraits. On top of that, the particular feature that interested me most, takes over and turns out to be over-exaggerated. Let's assume that this … Continue reading .039 Long Neck, pen portrait

.037 Lunar New Year at Galleria Dallas

Galleria Dallas is a great shopping mall that has these spectacular installations for seasonal holidays. I drew this during Lunar New Year when they had a multitude of beautiful red lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The vantage point is from the Little Katana sushi place, a cafe with a beautiful view of the skating rink. … Continue reading .037 Lunar New Year at Galleria Dallas

.035 North Italia Lamp, pen drawing

Here's another throwback to the times before quarantine. It's funny, how no one even really knew what quarantine is or how it's spelled before 2020 hit. I can't believe I have spent nearly half a year without going anywhere. I even haven't left the house in months, thank goodness for backyard or I'd develop a … Continue reading .035 North Italia Lamp, pen drawing

.033 Abrupt Tree, pen drawing

I got into a habit of drawing whenever I'm waiting for something or someone. It might seem that in such situation there's nothing to draw, but it's best to always look twice, there's always something. This tree trunk was kind of interesting, and I didn't get a chance to finish it at the time of … Continue reading .033 Abrupt Tree, pen drawing