Digital painting of a woman in a red dress with a large snake in the background.

Occasionally, I like to do quick digital painting studies from some fashion magazines or clothes catalogs. Here is one of such studies. I used a figure in the red dress from the catalog as a reference and added a fantasy element to create a completely different scene. I used my old and trusted Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS6 to paint this. It took me about two hours, but you can watch sped-up painting process in just 10 minutes! Check out my YouTube channel for other videos and please subscribe ^_^

Overall, I’m happy with the results, but I think I should have used reference for the snake. It will do for a quick painting, but if I was trying to finish this work, I would have spent time more on the snake. I think its form looks pretty realistic, but the head definitely needs some work. Same goes for the dress, it’s fine for a quick study, but I’d definitely rework her sleeves and add more details in general. I painting this while streaming my digital process. Now that I got my mic working, I might actually continue to do this!

Painting Process Video

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