I remember being interested in jewelry since I was little. Once, I found a few broken necklaces and chains in my mom’s drawer, and fixed them by attaching missing links or jump-rings using my dad’s pliers. I don’t think anyone really taught me how to do it, I just did. I went into making my own jewelry out of seed beads and random larger beads. Eventually, I started creating charm bracelets out of polymer clay. I think it’s amazing when one can create unique beads or charms that fit just right! Here’s an example of a few polymer clay charm bracelets that I made a while back.

I actually recorded creation process of pumpkin charm bracelet, but I never posted it. Finally, I decided to go through my video archive and edit and post some of the material that I’ve recorded. Important thing to remember when working with jump rings, is don’t try to pull them apart to widen the opening. Instead, twist the ends in opposite directions! This will open jump ring much easier and there’s a lesser chance of damaging it. One also needs much less strength to twist rather than pull the metal ends apart. Hope this little tip was useful! Enjoy the video, I really like the soundtrack in this one! Comment, like, and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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