It may grow back, but does it have to be this way?

This work began during the raging fires in California and Australia, and then the pandemic hit. The creature represents all of these events. Deep wounds take time to heal, but there’s a glimpse of hope symbolized by the crystals on Forest Guardian’s body.

One side of this creature is burnt, damaged, but still gives hope of restoration. That little glimpse of shiny gemstones and rare patch of green shows promise. The other side of the guardian is luscious and green, full of strong plants that bear seeds of regrowth. It will all be alright.

This sculpture is about 6 inches tall. It is created out of various polymer clays, including a very flexible Cosclay used on the head-crown. It is then hand-painted with acrylics and varnished. Forest guardian is really a personal piece, but I feel like nearly anyone can relate to it. We all go trough hard times and sometimes all we got in the end is hope.

The sculpture is available.

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