I planned to post these over a week ago, but then the attack on Ukraine happened. For several days, I was completely unable to function as I was worried about my friends and relatives. I was stressed so much that it must have manifested in my body as a physical pain somewhere near my left kidney. This brought me down for several days as I couldn’t even walk and stayed in bed all day. I stopped reading the news and switched to a diet and lots of liquids, and seem to be doing a little better now.

I was debating whether I should post any art or not. It seems inappropriate at the moment. However, at the same time, I think art helps people live through the stress; whether it’s creating art or seeing it. So I’ll try my best to continue to create and post my artworks.

Today is International Women’s Day. Normally, I would celebrate it with flowers and kind words about women… But today, I’d like to celebrate all the humans who fight for peace and freedom. You are the best and we’re all grateful to you.

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