I don’t usually do fanart, but sometimes I like a character on the show, so I draw a portrait of them. This time I was watching TV show called Lucifer, and I ended up drawing a portrait of detective Chloe.

I think it’s a great way to practice drawing portraits because I’m able to see the subject from multiple angles. This way, I get lots of reference materials, not just a single photograph. True, it’s not exactly drawing from life, but it’s pretty close! It definitely helps to understand the form of the face and all the features of a person. Additionally, I’m trying to work on value control. I feel like I can get better results even with a single pencil if I control hand pressure. Quite often, I end up with an artwork where I want to adjust contrast just a little. Therefore, there’s an issue with my values from the start, so I’m trying to work on that. Which is why I only use the pencil and eraser, ergo the color of the paper, for all of my values. It’s very important to set goals for the drawing when practicing, otherwise it’s just doodling!

Anyway, I hope detective Chloe is recognizable on this portrait! Please let me know if that’s the case in the comments, it will make me happy! 😉

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