I never took much liking to colored pencils, until one day I felt the urge to sharpen every pencil I had in the house. It’s quite a meditative task and sometimes one just feels like it. That’s when I thought of actually trying to use them again, after all, I do have quite a few sets. Nothing much came out of this, but the idea kept brewing at the back of my head. Additionally, there are a number of empty sketchbooks lying around my studio, just waiting. I always have trouble starting a new sketchbook, that fear of an empty page is overwhelming. Eventually, I picked one up, still uncertain of what to draw there. It was a special sketchbook, a gift from a friend.

Then it hit me, a sketchbook of faces. A book of characters and moods is no doubt a great idea. After all, it is what I always wanted to do as a child – just draw girls and fantasy looks. Some of these faces I will share in my blog and the others — across my social media accounts.

I gave these series a name “Mademoiselle,” here’s the second one in these series.

The first one can be found on my DeviantArt account.

Would you like a page of this sketchbook to be inspired by you? Send me your pictures, and I just might draw inspiration from it!

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