Detective Chloe Portrait

I don't usually do fanart, but sometimes I like a character on the show, so I draw a portrait of them. This time I was watching TV show called Lucifer, and I ended up drawing a portrait of detective Chloe. I think it's a great way to practice drawing portraits because I'm able to see … Continue reading Detective Chloe Portrait

Mademoiselle Sketchbook

I never took much liking to colored pencils, until one day I felt the urge to sharpen every pencil I had in the house. It’s quite a meditative task and sometimes one just feels like it. That’s when I thought of actually trying to use them again, after all, I do have quite a few … Continue reading Mademoiselle Sketchbook

Tool Tip Friday 5: Inktober Tools

Inktober started this week, so I’ve decided to write about my tools of choice for this challenge. Last year, I used only markers and pens. This year, I expanded my toolset with inks. Therefore, my tools of choice for this Inktober are Copic markers, an ArtSnacks/Denik Inktober edition sketchbook, Princeton brushes, Liquitex inks, and gel … Continue reading Tool Tip Friday 5: Inktober Tools