Mademoiselle Sketchbook

I never took much liking to colored pencils, until one day I felt the urge to sharpen every pencil I had in the house. It’s quite a meditative task and sometimes one just feels like it. That’s when I thought of actually trying to use them again, after all, I do have quite a few … Continue reading Mademoiselle Sketchbook

New art category: Sculpture

Long time ago, I’d heard the call of the sea. Since then, mermaids and sea creatures have been appearing in my artworks. Today, I’d like to introduce a new category in my art gallery, the sculpture! I have started the Sea Creatures series a while back, and I hope to continue adding new creations to … Continue reading New art category: Sculpture

Mermaid Illustration – Watercolor Challenge

I started this mermaid illustration a while back, but I wanted to do the finishing lines in golden ink. I finally got my hands on some, and it looks beautiful! It's hard to capture on a still image, but the gold sparkles like magic! I also used liners in some places as I don't have … Continue reading Mermaid Illustration – Watercolor Challenge