Here’s another throwback to the times before quarantine. It’s funny, how no one even really knew what quarantine is or how it’s spelled before 2020 hit. I can’t believe I have spent nearly half a year without going anywhere. I even haven’t left the house in months, thank goodness for backyard or I’d develop a phobia of a house cat. Anyway, here’s a pen drawing of a lamp from North Italia restaurant. They have a number of interesting objects in the interior as well as good food. I hope they’ll be still around after quarantine, because it’s definitely one of my favorite places to do a quick pen drawing while I wait for the food.

Drawing Analysis

As for the drawing itself, it surely would need some improvements if I made it in pencil or other erasable media. However, that’s the point of drawing in pen — one can’t really erase mistakes. The more one sees and analyzes them, the more skillful one becomes. For this very purpose instructors forbid use of erasers in some art classes even though students might work with erasable media.

I can see some distortion on the lamp’s base, it’s definitely not symmetrical. However, this asymmetry adds certain charm and whimsical feel to the whole drawing. Sometimes, mistakes are the beauty of the whole artwork. The lamp was lit, even though I visited during daytime. I attempted to depict that in my drawing, which is hard to do in just one color and unforgiving medium! Thank goodness for the blender! I shaped and shaded the area with the lit light bulb as a little ball of light. If I shaded the table, the whole drawing would be more defined and complete. However, since this is just a quick practice sketch, it works just fine. Overall, it’s a fun little lamp!

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