Here’s another interior drawing from the North Italia restaurant. I used to be a frequent visitor before the quarantine, so I have several sketches from there. This time I focused on the interior and charming house plants on the wall. There were beautiful antique mirrors with shelves and a bunch of potted plants. I’m always amazed at how such restaurants are able to keep house plants green and healthy even away from the window. I tried to capture their beauty, but I guess I focused on the details too quickly and too much.

The downside of having a tiny sketchbook with the spiral, it shifts a lot! Especially when I’m trying to set the basic grid and get the perspective right. By the time I noticed how much the page shifted, it was way too late. That’s why the structure of the interior and perspective is out of wack. However, I still like the overall result. At least it’s a good practice and a lesson. Once I noticed that it was all crooked, I wanted to turn the page and draw something else. However, I didn’t have enough time to complete another drawing, and I liked those mirrors and plants so much that I had to see it through! Besides, I think interior sketches from such places make them more memorable. When sketching, one studies the little details and pays extra attention. Really hope we all will be able to return to normal lives and visit restaurants as if there’s no pandemic.

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