Multi-pose, charcoal drawing

Sometimes the poses differ so much, and I think nothing of it while drawing... However, looking back at it later, I see just hilarious scenes and have a lot of questions as to what's going on there? This probably was a cool dance party until one of them lost their airpod xD

Standing and sitting figure, charcoal drawing

Whenever the pose is too short, I just concentrate on one part of the body and sort of just indicate the rest. There's really no need to beat oneself over being unable to do the whole figure in a few minutes. Same goes for an unflattering pose, don't try to challenge yourself to make it … Continue reading Standing and sitting figure, charcoal drawing

.017 Peculiar decor

Ever since I started this challenge, I've been trying to draw whenever I get the chance. This includes while waiting for food at the restaurants. People stare, but I don't care 😀 This peculiar vase was on the table at the Whiskey Cake restaurant. It's in shape of a light-bulb, and I believe that's rosemary … Continue reading .017 Peculiar decor