I don’t mention model’s name most of the time. However, as I look at these drawings, I realize that I recognize the models. So I’ll try to mention them from now on if that’s the case. I’m actually surprised, I recognize them as I never aim for likeness with these drawings. Rather, I try to capture the gesture of the pose and practice quick drawing, but some how likeness makes its way into the drawing.

In this drawing, I used mixed of charcoal and sanguine on Canson toned gray paper. I’m not sure I like the mix of these two materials, but it certainly looks different. Sometimes, with darker paper it’s hard to judge whether the material will be well visible, and I think it was the case here. I think the red was a little hard to read, so I added charcoal in the shadows to add contrast.

This drawing is done using a mix of sanguine and charcoal on dark-gray toned paper. Depicted here is a female figure leaning on a stool with one arm up. The other arm is supporting the body on the stool. One leg is on the floor, and the other one is bent and rests on the stool's structure. The figure is turned slightly to the left and facing in the same direction.

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