Drawing of Half-turned Figure from the Back

This drawing features a female half-turned figure from the back. She's standing with one arm on her hip, and the other one relaxed along her side. Her head is turned in the same direction, towards the viewer. It is drawn from a life model with charcoal on toned gray paper. 2019

Half-turned Figure Charcoal Drawing

I really like the pose in this figure charcoal drawing. The model is half-turned, which create a very dynamic feel for the drawing. The figure is grounded and well detailed, apart from the face. Overall, it's a solid drawing and can serve as a base for a more finished work.

Drawing of Sitting Female Figure

In this charcoal drawing, I tried to capture the model and surroundings. Drawing a model without whatever she's sitting on produces an awkward pose, so it's important to capture the seat as well. This time, the model was sitting on a wooden drawing bench and fabric. Overall, I'm happy with the perspective, but composition could … Continue reading Drawing of Sitting Female Figure

Standing Figure from a Side Drawing

Here, the model is positioned at an angle, so that her back and side are visible. She stands with all her weight on one leg, and the other one is relaxed. Model's hand is resting on her head, but it seems as if her back limbs disappear into nothingness. 2019

Female Figure Gesture Drawing

In this gesture drawing, female figure stands with all her weight on the right leg, and the left leg is used for balance. Most often, I use willow charcoal for gesture, but here I also used conte. I like the pose, but some things could be improved. I left the right leg unfinished, and I … Continue reading Female Figure Gesture Drawing

Drawing of Male Figure Sitting in a Chair

In this drawing, I like the sharpness of angles in the figure and the way the chair turned out. Normally, chairs are left to the last and get nearly no consideration. However, this was a longer pose, so I spent some time on both the figure and the chair. At some point, I might even … Continue reading Drawing of Male Figure Sitting in a Chair

Female Figure Sitting and Hugging a Knee

Sitting poses are much harder for me to capture as there are more overlaps. There are parts of this drawing that I like, and parts that I want to correct. But then again, that's how I feel about most of my drawings! 😁

Gesture Drawing of Standing Female Figure

My favorite medium for gesture drawings is a thick willow charcoal stick. I like that it can be used to make either thin lines with the tip, or broad strokes with the side. This quick gesture drawing depicts female figure from a side with the legs crossed. This pose is quite difficult to portray as … Continue reading Gesture Drawing of Standing Female Figure