This is the milestone one would find in an enchanted forest. It is shaped as a stone frog and the fire inside emits a faint green light. This green glow lets lost travelers know that they are on the right path. This miniature milestone lets the owner know that even in the darkest hour, the light can be found.

This miniature figurine is hand sculpted out of polymer clay. Then, the figurine is painted with acrylics. The fire inside is removable. It’s best to place it back inside the lantern with long tweezers. The fire glows in the dark after charging in sunlight. The figurine is 1.25 inch tall and 1 inch in diameter at the base.

This artwork has sold!


Artist: Oksana Ossipov
Title: Mini Milestone Frog Lantern
Type: OOAK figurine
Dimensions (approximate): 

  • height: 1.25 inch
  • width: 1 inch
  • depth: 1 inch

Materials: polymer clay, found objects, acrylic paint, varnish
Handmade in Texas

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