Wow, time goes by fast. It has been months since I decided to post weekly in my blog, and of course I disappeared as it usually happens. Anyway, lots happened over these few months. Mainly, I visited my relatives in Ukraine, and while it was a sad visit, it was also nice. After getting back home, I started working on my art as soon as possible. I realized, I haven’t posted in a long time, and I’ve got lots of not digitized artworks. Therefore, I decided to photograph my artworks. Here’s my art photography rig. It’s very simple!

Photography Rig

I’ve got a white cardboard background on the floor, light from widows on the right, and a tripod with video head over the art. As for the camera, I’m using my trusted Canon 5D mark iii DSLR with 16-35mm f/4L Canon lens. Additionally, I’m using a remote trigger so that I don’t have to click the camera every time. I can just sit on the floor, push the button on remote, switch the artwork, push it again. It’s a very easy and quick shooting process.

Take a Break!

As you can see from the photograph, I do enjoy my breaks! After setting up this photography rig, I took some time to drink tea before actually shooting any of the art. I think it’s important to enjoy the process, and for me that includes several minutes of mental and physical rest. With that in mind, take your time in anything you do and enjoy the process as well as the results!

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