In the world of fantasy, the sea can be any color. In Oksana’s Dreamy Lands painting it is yellow-green with a hint of pinks. This painting was inspired by sea haze and a play of sun rays through the think slice of air. This artwork is done in colors that are something out of fantasy rather than classic blues because exaggeration is the key to art. Making the sea just like the photograph could be rather boring in a painting, so Oksana decided to experiment with other colors. This is why the sky is yellow, and there are pink brushstrokes throughout the paining.

As with a lot of abstract paintings by Oksana, there’s texture contrast in this artwork. Large brush strokes in the foreground gently fade out into smoothness of the sky in the background. There are three sail ships in this painting spaced out to form a focal triangle and to help catch the viewer’s eye. This painting was created in 2018 as an idea for a large scale artwork.

Overall, Dreamy Lands painting creates a nice bright splash on the wall. The artwork is rather small, 8 by 10 inches. It’s painted with acrylic paint on canvas. The edges are painted, so it can be framed or hanged as is.

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