Here’s one of the first oil painting I attempted. It’s a simple still life of some glass objects and sea conch. I’m surprised it turned out alright as I had no idea what I am doing. However, the mystery of translucent objects has evaded my hand in this painting. I hope to attempt this some other time as translucency is what always fascinates me in paintings at the museums. It’s the ability to catch light on shiny objects that still remains a mystery for me.

I used two brushes for this painting and a very thin layers of paint. The larger hog bristle brush in size 6 was used for background and placing in the objects on the panel. I used the small synthetic flat brush in size 2 mainly for the details on the sea conch. This painting is very small, only 5 by 7 inches. I used linen panel, and to my surprise, it felt like a regular canvas. However, the paint itself is so much easier to manage than acrylic. Therefore, I was able to apply very thin layers which glided over the panel like hot knife through butter. I think I fell in love the quality and vibrancy of the oil paint after I finally tried it.

Overall, this still life painting of glass objects and a sea conch is interesting, but confusing as objects fight for attention. Next time, I would focus on a single object and make it the star of the composition by means of color and detail.

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