I keep a bunch of fake fruits on the table for the times when I’m too lazy to get an actual fruit or vegetable, or simply can’t like with this whole quarantine deal. I just turn them and paint over and over, all I care about is the shadows on the shape ^_^ I might eventually spray-paint them some monochrome color to make it a proper study material. FYI, they sell fake fruits that look super real at hobby stores. You can spray-paint them and use as art props and great reference material.

I enjoy changing colors in artworks on these faux fruits. This time, I painted the pear fairly true to its real life color. It didn’t have the yellow or red side, so but I figured pure green pear painting would be a bit boring. Therefore, I added a splash of sunshine to this painting.

This small still life painting is 8.5 by 5.5 inch in size. It’s painted in watercolors on 138 lb paper.

Watercolor painting of green pear with red and yellow side.

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