I continue to experiment with small still life setups, like this pear painting. However, this time I chose two subjects. The apple and pear are the best of friends, especially in a pie! Anyway, let’s stay on topic here! I tried to make the apple to be the focal point of this painting. The pear is a supporting character in this case, and it prevents the viewer’s eye from leaving the scene. The fold of the table cloth is also playing a similar role, but on the left side of the painting. I kept the colors around the fruits muted, so that all of the attention is drawn to their juicy sides. Overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out. I might re-arrange the setup a little for my next painting of apple and pear, as it might improve the composition.

Probably a year ago, I would not have imagined working with oil paint. It seemed to be such a scary and unfamiliar medium! Now, I feel fairly comfortable with it, and I want to paint more and more. I bought a whole lot of Rembrandt colors thanks to my patrons, and continue to explore them every day. Interesting, that I enjoy working on several paintings at the time. Sometimes, the paint needs to dry before I add another layer, or I just mix a perfect shade, but for a different painting. It’s a superb medium! I’m a little sad that I haven’t started working with it earlier, but better late than never! I wonder how much my skill will improve after 100 paintings!

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