Beauty of living in the south is the warmth of all seasons. Summer is for fun, and the rest of the year is for work! Now that it’s cooling down, I can get out and paint more often. Here’s a place in my neighborhood that I like to paint. It’s a quiet small lake with a fountain and some trees. There are houses in background which I indicated, but didn’t want the viewer to pay much attention to them.

I have found that painting alla prima is not as easy as I expected. I’m used to making an underpainting, letting it dry, then building the painting layer by layer. That’s a tedious and lengthy process, but I like it. Plain air painting requires a different approach, and I’m slowly trying to switch to it. I’m not exactly sure if it’s a better option as traditional method of building layers allows oil paint to fully show all its beauty. However, I want to try working alla prima as well as it’s a nice way to do quick studies.

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