Quiet Day in July, gouache painting

The weather in Texas is very much unpredictable. It can be a calm and sunny afternoon after a swooping thunderstorm in the morning. This is one of those "quiet now" days in July -- water too cold to get in the pool, but it's nice to just sit in the shade. Available for sale! 8.5 … Continue reading Quiet Day in July, gouache painting

Texan Cornflowers, gouache painting

.ugb-a57723b-wrapper.ugb-container__wrapper{min-height:50vh}.ugb-a57723b.ugb-container{margin-top:0px !important;padding-top:0px !important} I love wildflowers, and when I came to Texas and saw fields of bluebonnets, cornflowers, and other beautiful flowers, I fell in love with spring! Now that I have a small garden, I planted a few cornflowers. The beauty of wildflowers is that they keep coming back year after year. I wish … Continue reading Texan Cornflowers, gouache painting