Drawing of Male Figure Sitting in a Chair

In this drawing, I like the sharpness of angles in the figure and the way the chair turned out. Normally, chairs are left to the last and get nearly no consideration. However, this was a longer pose, so I spent some time on both the figure and the chair. At some point, I might even … Continue reading Drawing of Male Figure Sitting in a Chair

Standing male figure, charcoal drawing

I think I really need to work on shoulder girdle, it seems to always turn out way too small. This is a 10-minute drawing, but all of the basic structure mistakes are already set in place 😂

Sitting half-figure, charcoal drawing

Sometimes, the whole pose isn't working from that particular angle. Therefore, it's okay to draw only a part of the figure. For example, sometimes I can't see the model's feet because the heater or something else is in the way, and it really throws off the whole figure. It's still hard for me to put … Continue reading Sitting half-figure, charcoal drawing

Male figure, charcoal drawing

I think I finally got into the habit of dating my drawings 😀 It might seem silly, but after a while I can't tell when I drew each artwork. As the result, it's tough to understand whether I'm making any progress.

Male figure, gesture drawing

Back to the gesture drawings, I really like when drawing sessions start with a series of quick 1-minute standing poses. It' a great warm-up exercise, helps one get into the drawing mood for the rest of the session.

Two-pose male figure, charcoal drawing

I'm trying out different paper, and this one is super smooth. Unfortunately, I don't really know what it's called 🙂 We have it at the studio for free ^^; However, I can't figure out if I like the smoothness. I feel like it leaves less room for erasing as even willow charcoal just wants to … Continue reading Two-pose male figure, charcoal drawing