Deadlines and Timelines

A modern day society pushes creators to be extra creative and extra productive for the holiday season. Every year, I see pushy advertisement for sellers on all e-commerce platforms to help prepare for the end-of-year holiday rush. Get the holiday hashtags ready, add gift wrapping options, adjust shipping times, and so on. In other words, … Continue reading Deadlines and Timelines

Tackle Box for Art Supplies

Ever since I started studio drawing, I have been thinking about means of carrying my tools and art supplies. I do have some pouches and pencil holders, but they don’t really work well for messier things like charcoal. I ended up carrying three different pencil holders to separate my eraser, chalk, and pencils. Unfortunately, it … Continue reading Tackle Box for Art Supplies

New art category: Sculpture

Long time ago, I’d heard the call of the sea. Since then, mermaids and sea creatures have been appearing in my artworks. Today, I’d like to introduce a new category in my art gallery, the sculpture! I have started the Sea Creatures series a while back, and I hope to continue adding new creations to … Continue reading New art category: Sculpture